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multi diamond ring

1st August 2015

My customer had jewellery she didn’t use made into this platinum mount.All the diamonds are different shapes ans sizes and…

60th Birthday Ring

1st May 2015

I was given less than a week to make the mount,get the stones and get this sapphire and diamond platinum…

diamond pendant

14th March 2015

This platinum pendant and chain has three diamonds from the customers earings and a ring she no longer used.

new mount for diamond

29th January 2015

Our customer asked for a new and safer ring mount for her large old cut diamond .Platinum was recomended to…

ruby ring

10th January 2015

Set in platinum are five natural rubies,shared claw design to show the stones colour at their best.

red gold pendant

9th January 2015

With the left over red gold from the ring I made yesterday, a twisted pendant set with round diamond.

red gold band

8th January 2015

Three stone diamond rich red coloured gold wedding band

New year 2015

8th January 2015

Back to work and this pendant is made using a customers’ mothers’platinum wedding band and her diamond from her engagement…